Tu je celá reč v angličtine. Slovenská verzia je na videu - viď titulky.

Thank you Mr(s) President, Mrs High representative, colleagues, The statement of President Trump recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital is basically repeating what the US Congress and Senate already said with overwhelming majority in 1995. It doesn’t threat the peace process, it doesn’t change anything on the accessibility of the holy sites. It simply recognizes the fact that it is the most important place for Jews since 3000 years and the capital of the state of Israel since 1949. For Israel it’s a confirmation of what in fact already exists, nothing more. However, we have seen notoriously aggressive reaction of the Palestinian government and Hamas. They call for a third intifada. The shout anti-Semitic slogans, fire rockets on Israel and attack innocent civilians. Mrs High representative, the announcement of president Trump might be seen by some as politically insensitive , the response is outrageous. I therefore call upon you to condemn this response in strong words and to convince the undemocratic Palestinian leaders to react on this US statement by addressing president Trump, not Israel, to refrain from calling to violence and to restore democracy in the Palestinian areas. Thank you very much.

Napísal Branislav Škripek